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Whether you have an active lifestyle or find yourself tied to a desk, there are many things that can affect your muscular and skeletal health. The idea of visiting a chiropractor may seem daunting, but my practice in Alephata is here to help. At Spine Care, professionalism is guaranteed. At first, I'll give you a consultation where I can talk through your issues and carry out an assessment. From there, I'll work with you to develop a programme of treatment that works for you. Contact me today through my booking form

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Chiropractors spend many years studying muscular and skeletal health in order to offer a range of treatments. My services can help with back pain, leg pain, restless legs, joint pain, muscular issues, swelling and stiffness. Whether it's a one-off appointment or a series of regular visits, my expert approach means you'll see me every time, and I'll always do my best to explain how, and why, your treatment can help.

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